Extraction from Mixed Matrices

The EDGE® is an automated extraction system that’s faster than Soxhlet, more automated than QuEChERS, and simpler than other solvent extraction systems. Extract a wide range of samples and sizes at least 3 times faster than other pressurized fluid extractors. This includes filtering, cooling, and washing. The EDGE has revolutionized the extraction process for sample preparation.

PFAS are used in the manufacturing of a variety of products because of their oil, water, temperature, chemical, and fire resistance properties. Because of their chemical stability, these “forever chemicals” are used in products from non-stick cookware, to electronic devices, to low-emission automobiles. As these items are disposed of the PFAS pollute and accumulate in soils and water supplies. Humans exposure to these persistent chemicals, can lead to immune system effects, cancers, thyroid disruption, and other ailments.


In the laboratory, PFAS analysis is difficult because PFAS-free componentry is essential for accurate analysis. The CEM EDGE was modified to prevent the contamination of the resultant extracts by PFAS. The cleanliness of the EDGE itself after a series of washes and the background of the S1 Q-Disc®, Q-Matrix Hydra™, and the Q-Cup® used by the EDGE were examined. It was found that the substitutions provided a PFAS-free background on the EDGE, and the Q-Discs, Q-Matrix Hydra, and Q-Cups were PFAS-free. Thus, the EDGE is an excellent choice for laboratories that would like to automate their PFAS extractions without subjecting their samples to unwanted contamination.



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