Test buizen
Starting with a clean slate

The importance of microbiological testing in the food and beverage industries is in the public eye, now more than ever.

Astelll ‘Duaclave’ is effectively two autoclaves stacked one on top of the other but built in to one frame to provide a secure and stable unit with twice the capacity of the equivalent Benchtop or Swiftlock autoclave. The twin chambers operate independently, each with its own touchscreen controller. Should certain options be required, these should be doubled.

Depending of your needs, you can choose an integrated heater in chamber or an integral steam generator. There are so many sterilising possibilities, we suggest you to contact us, or to take a look at the BRS website.

Sterilization with total connectivity

Raypa presents the newest Smart Autoclaves.

TLV-S multipurpose autoclaves are equipped with state-of-the-art sterilization technology to cover the sterilization needs of industrial and research environments of the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industries that sterilize solids and liquids.

The Smart autoclaves are directly connected to your Cloud or LIMS-system, so you can control your runs online. Request help directly from your touchscreen and go back to work.

Integrated steam generator (separated into the housing) with automatic filling.

Compact sterilizers for canned food

The TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves are designed for cooking, sterilization and pasteurization of canned food using a temperature probe placed in a product sample. This leads to a perfect control of the process while keeping the organoleptic target values and minimizing possible changes in the nutritional characteristics of the canned product.

You can sterilize and pasteurize food products packed in cans, glass and plastic containers. It is a tool developed to improve the production capacity of small packaged food processors and to facilitate R&D testing and quality control of the food industry.