The Saccharomat – Worldwide unique quartz-wedge compensated sugar polarimeter is a fully automatic working sugar polarimeter. 

Quartz has an optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) almost identical to that of a sucrose solution. This fact is exploited as a unique compensation mechanism using a quartz wedge in SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s Saccharomat. This working principle is unique and is unrivalled today. 

As the quartz and the sample react in an identical way to small shifts of wavelength, these shifts are being automatically compensated and the effect becomes irrelevant. This ensures long time stable high precision measuring results without the necessity of recalibration over the lifetime of the instrument.  

Sucrose ICUMSA

The standardisation of the saccharimeter scale, or better known as ICUMSA (=International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis), or degrees sugar (°S) are the standard readout on the  Saccharometers from Schmidt & Hansch) 

Refractometer - Inline use

Inline Process Refractometers measure the refractive index continuously and in real time, thus determining the concentration of liquids or the mixing ratios of binary or quasi-binary mass ratios.

The measurement is independent of turbidity, color, absorption and viscosity, which ensures maximum precision and better process control.

Process refractometers can be installed in pipelines, mixing tanks, reaction boilers, storage vessels, cooking appliances or evaporators using various flange connections.

15-Minute COD Analysis for waste water and drinking water

The Mantech PeCOD approach measures photocurrent charge originating from the oxidation of organic species contained in a waste water sample to quantify COD. 

The result is that the user obtains the most accurate measurement of organic pollution, in less than 15 minutes, with no use of dichromate and mercury, providing operators with real time data needed to make timely impactful decisions that enhance the environmental protection. 

Refractometer on the bench

Refractometers measure the dissolved solids in sugar solutions: they are available in inline and at line configurations. On top of that they can be used for both quantitative or/and qualitative analysis. 

The VariRef from Schmidt & Haensch is a new bench refractometer with state of the art technology: a double isolated peltier systems allowing the fastest temperature control and thus reducing the influence of environment temperature, resulting in fast and precise measurements. 
Combine this with its flat shapped flowcel that is very easy to clean and we have the perfect tool in house to be used in a production environment. 

Moisture / Solids Analysis

The CEM SMART 6™ is the fastest microwave moisture/solids analysis system available on the market. With iDry technology the samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds. 

Using AOAC approved methods and iPower Technology, applying two different power frequencies to fully remove the moisture from every sample, determining the correct moisture content in 2-4 minutes. 

Rapid Ash Analysis

Ash samples with unmatched speed and safety with the new CEM Phoenix BLACK™.


The new Phoenix BLACK incorporates an updated cavity design with dual magnetron technology, delivering twice as much power for even faster results. With an onboard touchscreen interface, you’ll save time and simplify your workflow.

Make rapid adjustments to reduce out-of-specification products and improve your process control.

The Phoenix Black can be paired with a balance and a printer for automatic results.

COLOR in liquids and  crystallized sugar 

Color is a important criteria when evaluating product quality. Schmidt + Haensch produces Colorimeters for photometric determination of liquid color (Coloromat 100) as well as for automatic color grading of crystallized sugar by an electronic reflectance meter (Saccharoflex 2020). 

Both the Coloromat 100 single-beam photometer and the Saccharoflex 2020 reflectance meter have pre-installed methods performing sample analyses conform to ICUMSA standards.